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Sean Combs grew up in Northeast Arkansas. With a background in farming and construction, he started this business in 1998. Since then, Combs Construction has expanded into North Central and Northwest Arkansas, specializing in residential and commercial construction. Sean, and his wife Katie, reside in Mountain Home and also own Combs Family Practice in Bull Shoals. In his spare time, Sean loves spending time outdoors fishing and hunting. Our clients know from the beginning of every project that we're committed to providing the best service possible. We also understand that a home or a commercial building reflects YOU, or the brand of YOUR company, and we work hard to make sure your brand and culture play a big part in the structure's design. That means before any planning or construction begins, we sit down face to face to map out our goals for the outcome of the project and do whatever it takes to make sure we communicate clearly. We know we're not successful unless our clients are! Every client has a budget and timeline. We do everything possible to make sure the project stays on track, saving clients both time and money. Throughout the process, we are available to answer questions and handle any problems that develop. Most, not all, of our projects fall into these stages. First - Bring your vision to life! At this point, you, the architect and engineer, work closely with Sean to make sure your ideas start taking shape. We'll ask questions like what type of space do you anticipate needing, not only today but in the future? We explore budgets and needs, and form an idea of what we can accomplish. If you're planning on leasing a portion of the building, we'll need to get an idea of the total space being utilized by both your company and any tenants. If you've got a wish list, we try to incorporate as much as we can into the project while still sticking to the budget. Next - the Bidding Process. Now it's time to find out if the project is feasible! If any revisions are needed, we walk clients through the process to ensure none of the changes negatively impact the project objectives. Finally - let's Build Your Dream! The Combs Construction team monitors every step of the construction and keeps you informed of the project's progress. Our goal is to make sure the project is completed on time and within budget. And, of course, meet all of your expectations. Let us help you with your next remodel, new home construction, or commercial construction project! Contact us today.

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